Why Facebook?

I have been on Facebook a couple of months now, and I still don’t quite understand what the fascination is.  I entered the Facebook as part of a work group and did nothing for months–no pictures, no updates, nothing  Then people began asking to link to me, so I added a couple photos, chatted with a couple people on an ongoing basis,  and now I do enjoy conversing with my extended family and friends and hearing what my nieces and nephews are doing.

But, there are some things I truly don’t understand.  Why do people I knew –mainly from high school –but were never friends with then want to be my friends now?  Some of them I have barely exchanged two words with since elementary school, why? 

And why do people start polls about me–about the stupidest things?   Are they supposed to make me laugh?  They make me cringe and wonder why do you have so much free time? 

And if I want to see the results or answer some other questions,  why do I have to let Facebook access my photos, friends, and profile information?  So I choose not to enter those sections.

I am going to keep my profile up a bit longer,  test the waters a bit more, but I am starting to think it’s really a space for people to chat a bit, try to sound pithy about what they are doing today, see who can have the most “friends” and suck up lots of time.

Maybe blogging  is a better route for me. C

7 thoughts on “Why Facebook?

  1. Lucky Bird

    I have a similar beef about facebook – I’m there because I’m in the ‘tech’ industry and I really need to be aware of what’s going on. I only check it once a week – otherwise its just a time waster. It satisfies some curiosities I guess like “what ever happened to…”. I have found old friends and acquaintances – but sometimes I wonder – “what’s the point”.

    So – I’ve been thinking about our luckybirds network, which is just like facebook, however it’s closed to only those you invite. People aren’t using it too much – its an experiment, after all, but it would be cool if it blossomed as a clearinghouse for all the family activities. I think I might invite the cousins. What do you think?

  2. haveanopinion

    I have a couple other friends questioning it. I have had one person from hs–whom I was NEVER friends with–ask me today for the 4th time to be their friend. I just keep ignoring. Next time I will block it.

    I think the family network is a great idea, but I feel like I have too many things to check now. I have put some info on there, but I don’t think to check it. Bob’s family set up a Facebook group for their family. That might be a better route to try, since a bunch of cousins already use Facebook. But then what if I get OFF FB? Too confusing.

  3. Bob

    Wait unitl you get to that article in the Real Simple magazine I pointed out.

    Some great quotes about Facebook and how it sucks you in and then sucks the life out of you.

  4. Marie Kennedy

    Yeah, Cindy, FB can be time waster and I don’t like some of its apps, but it is ONE of many ways to share photos, news, etc. Come to think of it, aren’t the computer, the internet and many other applications time savers or time wasters depending on how you use it? My latest “status” was a poke at how addictive it can be…

  5. Theresa

    As one of our friends mentioned, I can be kind of like Vainbook. It does kind of feel like a highschool year book where a lot of people are trying to compete to see who has the most friends, the cutest pictures and the most intelligent things to say. If I really cared what a “friend” was doing at any given moment I’d just call.

  6. Maureen

    Well, I found your blog through facebook 🙂 So it can’t be all bad. I agree on all counts. I do not like random requests from people I don’t know to be friends with them… or friends of friends who I am most certainly not friends with. A lot of my FB friends are kids from church from my years on the youth ministry team. That’s why I got on in the first place because the kids make a lot of connections there… but it is kind of surreal and has a lot of down falls too… I don’t know. Right now I use it to keep in touch with extended family (kind of nice to see you people more even if it is just on FB) and it’s the only way i can reach some of the college kids… but I prefer my blog for sharing thoughts and actually keeping in touch with long distance friends. Wow. sorry for the long and rambling comment.

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