Annie, Farewell


Annie, you came into our lives

On your one-year birthday

So fearful, so quiet, so timid

Learning the way of family life

And friendship

And joy

From Maxx,

Watching carefully,

Then accepting, loving, no longer hiding.


Your favorite days

Were always a run on the beach,

Chasing the birds, the dogs, the spirits

 Us almost losing you on a fog-filled beach in Washington

Our only clue your jingling collar

As we yelled for you in vain, and hope.


You have hiked from San Francisco

To Portland

To Sedona

To Chicago

To our neighborhood,

Seeming to smile all the way

The kindest soul I have ever met

Who taught many people to love dogs

Just sitting patiently

Rolling over for a rub,

Stealing a kiss

Never asking,

Always giving.


We shall miss your gentle aura

The softness of your fur

You herding us playing baseball or football

Your kind brown eyes

Your patience.


Be free

Of your aged body

But your always-young soul,

Find your friend Maxx

Who taught you to love

And be there to lead me






Written for my wonderful Annie, who we lost just shy of her 17th birthday. 



6 thoughts on “Annie, Farewell

  1. Theresa

    Thanks to Annie, Aidan learned that dogs were friends, gentle and low and behold fun. He’ll miss feeding her treats. I doubt he’ll ever forget her. Multiply that times a hundred and I would say Annie gave the world enough. Time to enjoy some peace.
    Love to the Kennedy family today.

  2. Lucky Bird

    So sorry Cindy! You are fortunate to have been blessed with such an awesome family member. Seventeen years is impressive for dog years. She loved you guys a lot. Annie will be missed.

  3. Mary Pat

    What a heartfelt and touching tribute to Annie. She had a long life and shared it with a family that loved her. How wonderful for her, but it is huge loss for you. Our thoughts are with the Kennedy family.

  4. Marie Kennedy

    I remember when I visited you in San Francisco that you had just adopted Annie. She was still a bit unruly and very shy. At that time, you never knew what would be amiss when you returned home.

    I remember she and Maxx racing on the beach, chasing the birds, chasing each other, chasing nothing at all.

    I remember Annie’s first sneak attack on my mouth. I gave her an opportunity and she gave me a slip of the tongue! Yuck!

    I remember Annie’s super soft, beautiful coat, her sweet disposition, her ever presence.

    I remember Annie and will always.

  5. Kevin Kennedy

    Hey you guys … so sorry about Annie… she was a great dog… great eyes that always looked right into you. We certainly know how hard it is, and that the second time isn’t any easier… hope you all are well. KK

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