Konerko Rocks!

It was a gorgeous, sunny Phoenix afternoon to enjoy  Camelback Ranch,  the new White Sox and Dodgers spring training facility.  Why go to a regular season game again, I wondered, after the game (though my Sox lost 4-1 to the Colorado Rockies).  For $8 lawn seats, we sat on the grass directly behind the bullpen–and I mean RIGHT behind it.  The players were friendly, and the kids could see and hear how fast the relief pitchers throw the ball.  Amazing.

With no commercial breaks, the game time is cut about 30 minutes, the giant beers stayed cold, there were accessible bathrooms, many vendors, and the kids could run around the grass–when the over zealous guardsmen weren’t watching our every move, and we had 7 kids with us, what could we really do?!

The kids ran over for autographs as the players left the field. Josh Fields came back from his exit as my son asked him to sign his shirt.  And while many of the players ignored the tiny voices yelling “can I have an autograph?), Paul Konerko signed again and again, with a couple newcomers.  You rocked!  We appreciated it, even if you were done before you got to my kids.

There were many empty seats, but we found more than  worth the $8 lawn seats and only $5 parking right next to the stadium.  We’ll be back.  Go Sox! C


One thought on “Konerko Rocks!

  1. Bob

    I was thinking the some of those same thoughts and even mentioned it to Ronan later that night.

    Professional ball players get paid a lot of money to play a game many of us loved to play and sometimes still enjoy to watch. It’s nice to see that there are some players out there like Paul Konerko who realize that he’s fortunate to have the skills to play at the professional level but humble enough to know it’s a game for the fans.

    What you may have missed was the person signing autographs right behind him – Harold Baines. He no longer plays (he’s the first base coach now) but he had as big of a crowd around him – if not bigger.

    The sport could certainly use more people like those two.

    PS – The spot I had at a table with an umbrella near the beer stand was pretty darn nice too.

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