Business Travel Then and Now

Single and younger–in my previous life–I enjoyed business travel.  And I did much more of it than now.  Back then, getting through airports was a breeze with no strip seaches to fly to Detroit, I could EL it to O’Hare or Midway, I didn’t have to leave a written schedule for the kids more complex than a presidential trip, I usually traveled with very fun-fun-hard working late night out co-workers with whom I had time to explore the cities, and I could come home to relative peace.

Now I have to leave my home three to four hours before any flight, snake through long, long lines and remove practically everything from the carry-on and computer bag while juggling heels and jacket and hope the airline hasn’t cancelled my flight.  And having to wear real-people clothes after working at home for months is a shock to my system–heels three days in a row!  But payback is time to wear some new clothes, bought since I have no meeting attire for three days in a row.

A bit overwhelmed after information-gathering meetings, I admit I don’t mind becoming invisible, lying on the overstuffed white comforters, flipping on all my favorite channels with NO ONE to complain, work on the computer, iron my shirt in my underwear, and chill out awhile after sitting in an office watching, learning, online exploring, problem-solving.  Until I turn off the TV and realize what I thought was a revving motorcycle at midnight was in actuality the man (I assume) snoring in the room next door.  So much for sound sleeping for me.

Tomorrow it is morning rush for wrap up and next step meetings, cruise to the airport, wait-wait board the plane, taxi home and try to make it to a soccer game then make dinner get some hugs read the mail check the emails again unpack have a large glass of red wine sleep.

Only one half-hour from Boston and I didn’t get to visit the city this trip.  That is the bummer about business travel–the business part! C

One thought on “Business Travel Then and Now

  1. Marie Kennedy

    You are so right, Cindy! The best part of business travel has nothing to do with the business! It’s being anonymous, the uninterrupted sleep in a huge king-size bed to myself, walking around in whatever state of dress I want, and ordering room service which I almost always do for breakfast because hotel coffee is SO good. (The rest of it is a drag!)

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