Zac and Robin

Thwack! Thud! Chrrrrrrrrrp. Thunk!

Those are the sounds of Robin, who has been repeatedly barreling in to our window, in a desperate attempt to get inside our home, to build her nest or roost in the kitchen or play the Wii, I am not sure which.

It has been three weeks since this confused bird has been smashing her body daily into glass to get into our home.  And several days of solid rain have left a bevy of wing marks, tiny feathers and bits of straw strewn across the windows, and white excrement covering the deck.  Not a lovely sign of spring.

We tried shooing her away, removing the tiny nest she finally started, and then resorted to our latest hopeful diversion–putting the life-size Zac Efron cardboard figure directly in front of the window, so perhaps she cannot see her reflection.

While any mention Zac draws Devon to you, we hope that his grin will scare this dazed bird away.  I know how creepy it is to enter her room at night to see a 6-foot “man” at the end of her bed, before realizing he isn’t real, after nights of seeing him there.  It is enough to keep me away. C


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