More exciting?

Which is more exciting, getting a new puppy or a new computer?  Tough toss up, as I got BOTH a 6-month old Aussie rescue pup and a new Mac in the last two weeks.

Both are very shiny new toys, oh so cool and exciting, but both can also be frustrating and overwhelming sometimes.  Cali–short for California–is smart and joyous and curious and is learning tons from our other Aussie…but she wakes up way too early and we discovered today that she gets violently car sick (not fun for a dog with a family always on the go).  And my first Mac I have wanted for several years and fairly easy to maneuver around but I got stuck downloading photos–still can’t get those pictures of Cali online– and it will take me a little playtime (errr…worktime) to learn the bells and whistles.  

One breathes oxygen, the other electricity, both offer light and fun and chaos and creativity and growth.  But which is more exciting?  And why did I decide to do both in the same month?  As if we aren’t busy enough…..C

P.S.  In the long run, Cali wins I’m sure!

One thought on “More exciting?

  1. Contrats on both!! What fun on both ends, although I agree that the dog probably wins out long term 😀 Here’s to a peaceful and fun adjustment / training period… and hoping she gets over the car sickness!!

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