Aura Alert

Do you believe in auras—the colored bands that supposedly surround each of us, the shades showing our moods, our emotions, our health?  And do you believe that some people can actually see and read our auras?

That would be truly incredible, to be able to see how someone feels and might react when they approach us, but I think we can partially do that just by watching people around us.

The middle-aged couple entering the grocery store with their matching bulldog jowls and scowls, their energy screaming DO NOT APPROACH!  We are here to shop for our staples, no excitement in our future are clearly dark brown, facing to black.

There are three young girls, with a bright yellow backdrop, joyously skipping across the yard, waiting to climb onto the trampoline.

Our friend, with cancer attacking his throat, grey-sad, lonely grey.

Orange bursting through the phone lines,  as another friend screams and laments about finding out her husband has been having a three-year affair with his co-worker, after she put him through grad school and now quit her job to stay home with their children.

A young bride, separate from her guests, calm, close to God, blue and pure, waiting for the celebration to end and her married life to truly begin.

Do I imagine these colors? Can I see them?  Feel them and just KNOW? Or wish?  C

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