The First Frost

So sad, decimating the gardens after two mornings of hard frost.  In early October, no less.  Basil, so fragrant in pesto last week, now rubbery black leaves, the tomato vines collapsed and shriveled with a few lingering green ones oozing seeds, the cucumbers withered in the dirt, peppers wilting. I yanked everything but a couple herbs from the dirt yesterday, leaving blank black boxes yawning for next year’s growth.  This is when I know winter is truly coming.  So sad to have the frost so early this year, since last year we got tomatoes into November.

Then I moved on to the flower beds, clippers flying, as I cut back my summer beauties, petals gone, stems drooping.  The annuals pulled from roots out–marigolds and yellow beauties and zinnias and dahlias.  Many of the perennials now down to the earth–coneflowers, daisies, white asters, bachelor buttons,  several varieties of black-eyed Susans, bee balm.  A few still remain–gorgeous plum asters, grasses changing color like the trees, mums, gilardia, more purple sedum.  The trellises put away, the hoses rolled, bee houses  replaced with pumpkins and gourds to supply a little lingering color.

Alas, there will be more to cut and bag as November approaches, sweating in the late autumn days, as we lament the end of summer, the floral and vegetable garden.  But we will start planning for next’s years garden in the winter months, waiting for the frown ground to thaw.  C

2 thoughts on “The First Frost

  1. A bit of sadness as always with the end of the gardening season. The good news – your garden is improving each year in variety of plants and colors. Don’t forget to dig up the dahlia roots, pack them in vermiculite and next yers plants and blooms will become much larger with age and an earlier planting. I too was always disappointed with an early frost as the perennials in particular quicly became passe. But Spring shall return and you can begin a new. Hopefully I can join in once again. Dad

  2. Maureen

    The first frost was early here too. It always makes me sad to be done with the garden 😦 Now I’ve just got bowls of green tomatoes and peppers on the counter, ripening a few at a time. This weekend I need to head out with my clippers and get rid of the mess. Happy Fall!

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