Coyote Roam

The coyotes amble through our yard as if their own, trotting along the  back perimeter, then disappearing by the mulberry tree into the wetlands or  the neighbor’s grasses, abutting the tiny creek that flows through it.  There are two we mainly see: one the size of a German shepherd, with similar coloring and a long, dark tail.  He suddenly sports a limp.  The other is probably the babe that our pup Cali chased in spring, smaller and sand-colored, cute as can be.

I wonder, do they snicker in the grasses as Cali comes out, tethered to a leash or long rope to play or “do her business”?  Cali’s nickname is Bolt from our unfenced yard, since she will play and chase balls with us, then give us “the look”, turn and run…eventually coming back, but not before she explores a couple yards and crosses some streets, barely avoiding traffic.

And then, as the coyotes stealthily gaze into our windows after dusk, whether needlelike rain or clear moon shining, do they howl at our home as we settle into our warm house, no rain, no breeze, no bugs,food in a bowl? Jealous of our comfortable, spoiled dogs? C

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