Thanksgiving Thoughts

Thanksgiving day.  At first glance this year it seems hard to give thanks at the end of a tumultuous year of hospital visits and broken bones and pet loss and friend loss and downsizing and friends losing jobs-hope-faith and ongoing wars in other countries and guns and government infighting for themselves and the White Sox/Bears/Cubs eliminated again.

Wait.  While the negative can seem overwhelming, it is the small, the simple, the unexpected and sometimes the everyday, the overlooked that we should be thankful for today and perhaps each day.

I am thankful that an unplanned-for shifting of priorities–and finances– means we now spend more time with our friends and families playing-laughing-cooking,  share our homes and talents, a dinner out appreciated more (especially for mom), we explore local treasures, thankful I can watch a new rescue puppy morph into a dog, health recoveries, a vacation, a movie night in with the whole family, warm tomato and basil straight from the garden,  an email from a forgotten friend or a call from someone up the road, finding the steal of a deal while shopping, s’mores and lightning bugs, impromptu talent shows of children dancing and singing, decent grades in new schools, family moving closer, a new work endeavor, each other.

These thoughts aren’t new, though the experiences are, but sometimes it helps to really take a moment to remember, as life slips by, like sand through the fingers, the grains all intermingled but each one still individual–the shiny, the tarnished, the plain forming into a beautiful stream of grains.  And I hope that you all have small joys and the everyday smiles to be thankful for. They fill our lives as much as the than the wonderful, grand moments we experience.  They are everyday happiness.  C

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