Writing Exercise #3: Flash and Feathers

the exercise: http://scrawlers.com/ This is a website that posts 100 word stories.  Write one.  Submit it to the site, if you wish. (note: I did post this to Scrawlers a few days after posting, as they were having technical troubles)

The Story:

13-year old Zach gazed at the knight’s costume in disdain.  Spandex? Silver?  He grimaced as he tried it on, only performing in the play as a lost bet with his comrades. However, once the sleek outfit was on him, he unobtrusively regarded himself in the mirror.

Zach found he enjoyed the touch of silk, a little sparkle, the whoosh of a feather.  It became his secret fetish though school, secreting away scraps of shimmer, leather, fur  while he wore the requisite sports uniforms outside.  His talisman, he did not peacock his secret until his school days were passed.


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