Politicians Playground

One thing about politics–people hold that party line.  Hard.  High school like, it is infuriating that so many politicians have to wear the same suits–with matching ties–as their party members, and don’t forget your nylons and sensible shoes, ladies.

It is extremely irritating and totally unbelievable that virtually ALL the house members of a particular party just happen to agree on the huge healthcare bill, and almost none of the people on the other team were in agreement.  Can’t these people think for themselves?  So many pretend to back their constituents, but in realty it’s show.  They want to stay with the “in” group, so afraid to stand out.  Wear yellow!  Dye your hair!  Tell us what YOU really think–don’t just hide behind the mile-high bill, especially if you have your secret notes hidden inside it.

This lament is NOT about the healthcare bill.  It’s about the status quo.

This isn’t a new premise, it’s been happening for years.  Why do we accept complacency?  But what can we do with the powerful lobbies kow-towing to get their way, secret meetings, bills we cannot see until too late, top officials who push through their agendas.  Are they listening?  will they ever?  Or will they simply continue to stand in their straight rows at the party, only taking a drink when the person in front of them does.  But hiding their dirty secrets until the press hangs them to dry for all to see.


5 thoughts on “Politicians Playground

    1. haveanopinion

      I am really a too-busy mom, business owner, horse lover, photographer, writer wannabee who writes about the things in my life, my brain, my world to keep me in touch with others. I am a more liberal thinker, though this post was more about politics in general. I have been stewing over these votes for some time and I had time to vent today. Feels better! Who are you?

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