Family Vacation #1

Now that the kids are 10, 12, 15, it’s so easy to remember the vacations when I had to pack everything including their suitcases, car seats, diapers, bottles, toys, and then have to listen to the unhappy screams that emanated from the back seat or–worse yet–the plane seats with kicking and tantrums, unable to move.

Now they can pack their own luggage with Ipods and laptops and legos and books and snacks. We let them help decide where we should spend the day, how we should spend our money (on clothes at the nearest university), where we should eat.  They have their new annoyances of car game hitting while watching cars–don’t get that at all, grunts, bouncing basketballs at all the wrong times, a little too much pop candy music, but they can at least keep themselves busy in the car or in the air for awhile. And they don’t kick the seats anymore.

But, it’s great to get off our tight schedule of sports and work and school, to catch up and laugh and play games and watch movies and talk, even if after several days we are ready for some time withOUT the kids, that time will come before we know it.  And the silence will be deafening. C


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