Family Vacation #2: Rocky Day

Wow, what a day we had exploring Tucson!  It was truly a day of being in rocks, over rocks, and on-the-rocks.

We started the day at the Colossal Cave, a huge expanse of dry cave.

dry cave flows

Knowing how claustrophobic I am, I am still stunned that I made it through the whole thing with only a couple moments of shut eyes and shallow breathing–but my first breath back in daylight expanded my lungs further than I thought possible.  I worked through those closed-in fears and surpassed something I didn’t think I could ever do, and I survived–and enjoyed it. The ranch section of the park was tacky, but the cave was worthwhile.

After our indoor tour, we headed back towards the city to visit the St. Xavier Del Bac Mission, built in the 1700’s.  We climbed the nearby grotto hill while they completed the Good Friday mass, and then wandered the Indian-themed artwork, dark benches, straight backed pews.  The kids were amazed how small the church interior was, based on how huge the outside looked.

Grotto view of the mission

We ended the evening at a classic Tucson restaurant, El Charro, claiming to be the first Mexican restaurant in the US, in the 1920’s.  There we began with a drink on the rocks–delicious!

We had an incredible meal, loved by kids and parents alike.  Overstuffed, we waddled back to the car and back to our hotel for a great night sleep.

In rocks-over rocks-on the rocks.  Great way to spend the day.  And end it.  C


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