The Comfort Zone

The reality shows we watch or scan at home often have to do with people trying to be at the top of their game: Project Runway, Top Chef, America’s Next top Model (is there any pre-teen who does not watch that today?), Biggest Loser. And there are others we do not watch–American Idol, Shear Genius, Dancing with the Stars, and a whole list of those I cannot recall.

They laugh, they fight, they cry–some a lot, they dream, they win, they tantrum, they inspire, they bore, they strive for the center of the screen.  And I often watch them, thinking–if I could focus on one thing, what would it be?  and what a dream for a multi-tasking, business owning mama–to have a single goal, one thought, one project.  I cannot even imagine. How far could I push to success?  how to fare against the competition?  The dreamer in me wonders.  Am I too old to go against what I already do daily? to step outside my comfort zone? to fight the current? to start again?

Would I ever be given the chance?  To learn, to think, to wonder, to win? C


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