Who’s Your Hilly?

That was one key question asked during book club discussion of The Help by Kathryn Stockett.  An engrossing book about the civil rights’ movement in the south, we all thoroughly enjoyed it.  And from what I heard, people saw others on their vacations reading the same tome.  I never thought about it, how the many people of the times had black help in their homes, talking as if they couldn’t hear, devising ridiculous “separate bathrooms” in the garage so they would not have to share, prejudices alive.

And who is Hilly?  She is the Queen Bee of Mean, the sorority queen of times past, the cliche character who unfortunately does not change or learn or overcome, but we all hope will get her comeuppance.   Every neighborhood has one, every group had one–though maybe not so bold, every school from elementary on up.  And I think the question will remain “Who’s your Hilly?”

Thankfully, I think any Hilly’s once in our book club have silently–or semi-loudly–removed themselves from our midst, and our group remains chatty, fun, exploratory, and yearning to broaden our thoughts and voice our opinions.

So, who’s your Hilly?  I hope I am never known as the Hilly of any group!  C

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