Overload in Wonderland

Searching the internet sometimes makes me feel like Alice in that creepy Wonderland, falling down the hole then getting easily distracted by strange, wondrous creatures distracting her from her goal.

I am searching for a new telephoto lens for my digital SLR–Pentax K10D, if you must know, so I spent time checking out options online last night.  I was led astray by reviews of the camera (some which I read before I bought it but re-read again now), by user groups, by fake listings of lenses, by out-of-stock shops, by an ad for a camera bag I wanted to check out. And did I buy one?  Nope.

And have you tried to book a trip only going to ONE site?  No, we check Expedia, Kayak, the airlines, the hotels, hotels.com, the reviews.  We can get so caught up in the string of sites and words and video and pictures it becomes next-to-impossible to make a decision.

Time wasted.  Options multiplied.  Research in the open.  The internet can suck you in, churn you up, spit you out–goal complete or not, as you lay gasping, glad to see yourself returned to normal, eyes tired, fingers wounded, useful–and useless-information swirling inside or printed on reams of papers.

Fun, frustrating, obsessive, incredible how much you can see how far you can travel without leaving your computer.  But remember people, there is a REAL world out our windows where we can try out the lens before buying, interact-and speak- with users, feel the wind, smell the ocean, the breeze gently.  That is life as it should be, computers and phones off to experience real life.  How easy it is to forget. C

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