Stop blogging?  Or stop this blog and start a “fake” one that will draw people with its gossip or false beliefs or outrageous thoughts or crazy ideas that will draw the numbers?  Or continue this blog and begin a second, secret blog and let others find it? hiding the author of the new and seeing if/how/what it draws?  or give it up for twitter?  and how addicting would that be?

so many options, but so little time to answer the questions or write in the blog.

Does it matter? and does anyone care?  but me?  or as a writing relief for me, is that enough?? The need to express might be the reason why to continue. C

4 thoughts on “Blog?

  1. I’d love to read whatever you keep writing, in whatever media! 🙂

    p.s. – I like blogs better than Twitter; I feel like the confinement of the short format does to writing abilities what too many commercials and half-hour TV shows do to kids’ attention spans.

  2. haveanopinion

    Thanks for your comments! I will continue to write and post my pics, for now. You never know who is watching or reading or being inspired or bored…

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