Things come in….Fours?

It was the BAD quadruple hit in the garden.  I just went to pick any ripe tomatoes before my “greenface” dog Zoe found them tonight, and I shortly felt like I had several rotten ones tossed at me:

1.Only three measly red tomatoes?  There are piles of green ones, very few ready to eat. So delicious when they are ripe!

2. Something ate ALL the cucumbers I saw sprouting earlier this week. There were three or four tiny ones, not even a random bud left on the most prolific vine.  Argh!  I have one chopped up inside now, but it will be awhile before any more are ripe.

3. I pulled up some tomato plants growing over the side of the raised box to pull an almost ripe on hiding under the bite-sized ones to see two holes dug under the box.  The chipmunks have most likely invaded again–wonder who is eating those cukes, hmmm?

4. Were there finally concord grapes growing on the exploding vines?  As I gently, moved aside some of the huge leaves, a pain extended up my leg.  Far worse than a mosquito, I glanced down to see a bee on my shin.  I pushed it off as I started running inside in search of Benadryl and ice, allergic to bee stings.

Once inside, I decided it far safer to drink some fermented grapes than return to the garden.  Not the exploration was hoping for.  C


2 thoughts on “Things come in….Fours?

  1. Maureen

    So disappointed for you!!! 😦 Yeah, go with the pre-formented grapes for now. Hope the next garden adventure yields better. Isn’t it amazing how much satisfaction, or lack thereof, we get from those gardens of ours???

  2. haveanopinion

    At least we have a COUPLE red tomatoes–more to ripen soon, lots of herbs, swiss chard, jalapenos, and some cuke babes. Better than none–but yes, the garden is a work, a joy, a tease.

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