A Lexington Visit

The World Equestrian Games (WEG) wrapped up today in Lexington, KY.  This is the first time this event (held every four years) has been in the US, it showed an incredible breadth of equestrian sports. Colette and I drove to the event with tickets in hand for two show jumping events, but we saw a wide range of horses, people, events, and lecturers.

We watched Icelandic ponies, their fast gait unlike any I have seen.  Beautiful creatures, impressive riders.  Icelandic profile











The California Cowgirls drill team was completely opposite from the Icelandic riders, with their American flags and Western outfits. The audience enjoyed the show almost as much as the performers, I think.

drill team

At the Clinician’s corral we heard John Lyons and Linda and Pat Parelli speak and demonstrate their riding and training techniques. Both interesting and educational, once you took a step back from the marketing.

The highlight was the two days of international, world-class show jumping.  Riders from 18 to 57 competing, we saw a portion of the speed competition and one day of the team jumping.  It is stunning to see how beautiful their form, how high the jumps, how technical the course.  Even these Olympic winners had refusals and knocked fences and walls, but we fortunately saw no injuries to horse or rider.







Check out this wall! We saw it come down two times.








A glorious two days,  the Kentucky Horse Park welcomed, educated, inspired, challenged us, and made us wish our visit was longer.  Horse lovers from around the world, waving flags, eating, drinking, shopping–I think all were made very welcome by the people of Lexington. C


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