The tightness, it loosens from between my shoulder blades. The shoulders roll back, stomach in. The legs elongate, heels down, then quiver after forty-five minutes of use.  The hands firm but relaxed, simultaneously.  The forehead lines  vanish. The eyes open, focus.  The stress from the previous few weeks, so heavy on my heart-my brain-my body-slowly evaporates in layers into the Tiffany blue sky, a rainbow of leaves skittering around, gently  crinkling as they run across the lawn.

Warm body underneath, motion together, as Sophie and I canter across the arena, leaving behind the negativity and mental lists of goals to accomplish-work to complete-projects to begin-yesterday locked in the past-tomorrow a dream to be-NOW, living in the moment of autumnal beauty, escape but concentrating, breath coming faster, sweat beading in my hat.

So simple, so joyous, so freeing to think only about the motion, the body, the horse.  And then it abruptly ends with a walk, a dismount, as we head back into the barn.  A lighter mind and step as I head back to my desk and my computer, once again riding and being with the horses is the way I feel human.  So thankful. C


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