No Carrots for Sophie

Transitioning from outdoor to indoor riding is never easy (or the other way around).  We have been completely spoiled, riding outside until mid-November this year.  Sophie has been a gem outside, despite rumbling garbage trucks and migrating geese and chasing dogs and playing foals.

Sophie grazing

Today the weather is distinctively cooler, murkier, so we flatted inside.  She started off great, with many transitions, maneuvers over poles, changing directions, despite the coolness.  Her friend Louie threw a shoe.  The we stopped in the middle of the arena to talk to Sue, one of the trainers.  Both Louie and Sophie were alert to the flickering lights, the people calling from the outside of the door.

we were set to finish our ride as everyone left the viewing area.  She had a great pace, more impulsion than I have seen, and I was enjoying our ride.

SCRRAAPPPEEE! I heard the chair outside the door moved just slightly, with a loud creak.  We were at the far end of the arena, and that was just the impetus that Sophie needed to gallop off the line, bucking, bucking bucking.

“OH…my….God!” I thought I screamed as I tried valiantly but fruitlessly to stay on, reins pulled loose.  I saw the first jump of the gymnastic approaching, as I slid off her back, rolling to see her legs dance above me and away.

I got to my feet as Sophie walked calmly away, “Hey girl,” I called as I picked up her reins.

“Can you close the door?” Danielle called, thikng I was leaving the arena.

“Oh, I’m not leaving,” I replied.  “She just threw me.”

“What?” “What?” was the reply from several people. No one had heard me fall, or call out, so maybe I just thought it as I tumbled.

Sue walked in the arena. “Do you want Katie [her daughter] to get on?” she asked me at the mounting block.

“Oh no.  I can do this,” I said.

“OK,” she replied.

We moved off at a walk, then a trot several times around the arena.  A cat was stalking a hidden mouse, and Sophie didn’t bat an eye.  We trotted around the evil corner, her acting like the angel as people watched.

A blip in my day.  She is frisky once a year, and I happened to be on her back. Ah well, better ride next week.

No carrots for Sophie today! C

One thought on “No Carrots for Sophie

  1. Another horse, another fall – but apparently no boken bones. I just caught up on your site. Pretty great summer with sevral trips included. Lucky you! Since I only had to go to the emergency room twice you should be thankful. Two MD’s here believe my attack was not created by the gardening, rather, from grief in losing two great friends. That surprised me an makes me wonder how I am supposed to react to new future loses. Beautiful here today in the 80’s yes you Mom is at another Book Club. Love you, Dad

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