Sharing Times

We have just passed the Thanksgiving week and entered the hurdles approaching Christmas.  The seasons of giving and receiving and asking and celebrating.  I peruse the Christmas lists made,  and wonder that my kids—or any other I know–can really NEED anything this holiday season when so many others go without.  Food. Warm coat that fits. Blankets. Boots. A cookie. Pencils.

Though there have been rough patches this year: fears of less work, health issues, loss of friends, we have been fairly fortunate compared to others.  So does that mean my kids shouldn’t get to ask for the things they want to miraculously appear under their tree on an upcoming Saturday morning?  We should all have our dreams, our hopes, but on the day that ALL of our wishes come true then…what is left to wish for?

So, as we have been doing since they were young, we will peruse the lists and yes, they will find some of their wants met, there will not be black lines crossing off every item on their carefully constructed lists.   We will leave each items to save for, to forget, to dream about, one less item to lose or break or outgrow.  We will also reach out to others in need, hand picking gifts to wrap and give to those we do not know, help stock the food pantry, find organizations we believe in to support, and remind them–and us–there are others who need so much more.

Hopefully this giving Christmas cheer will continue into the new year, so the times of sharing of ourselves, our funds, our time, our possessions will carry on. Who knows?  Maybe someday we will be the family in need of food. Boots. Pencils. C

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