Realize your Dreams

I recently watched a Simpsons episode where Lisa Simpson found some high school photos and yearbooks of Marge (her mom)  and became embarrassed of what her mother had become, how far she had strayed from her dreams.  Lisa then thought she should forget her hobbies, her strengths to work hard and NOT end up like Marge.

While I realize it is our jobs as parents to be an embarrassment to our pre-teen and teenage children,   I have been thinking lately about when we are supposed to give up on our dreams, the ones we had in college-after college-developed as young adults.  Do some morph into other hopes, others remain latent, under the surface?

We all have dreams–to develop some special gift, to improve the world larger than our home, to work harder-faster-stronger, to travel someplace exotic or unknown, to learn a language, to get on stage, to teach someone to read, to graduate college.  Community colleges are full of credit and non-credit classes to broaden our worlds, if we have the time, the drive, the money.

As adults we work hard in our jobs, organize our families, help our children define their hopes and learn to succeed in the world, volunteer at the church-the shelter-the food pantry-wherever, help our aging parents, help our friends’ whose families are ill and parents are also aging, deal with our own health issues, fluctuating job security.

Yes, our dreams might get pushed aside as we navigate through the everyday of life, but we should remember  our most important ones, or realize new goals as we grown into ourselves.  We must carve time for even our small dreams to succeed, or we will run through life without focus, trying to simply get through the day.

I am envious of my friend Brenda, who took her long time writing talents and pain within to write a soon-to-be published book.  I barely make time for this blog, though the writing frees my spirit when a post is done.  Can I do more?  Can I write a book someday? Do I even want to?

Can I expand my long-loved photography hobby into more of a business?  I see multitudes with their DSLR’s with long lenses, and then realize that the expensive camera does NOT automatically translate into a decent picture.  Not by a longshot.

For many years I was the “green girl”, but I have not expanded my efforts outside my household in some time, other than offering donations to organizations.  Is it too late to work with others, to help them become more green in our extremely wasteful world?

What about you?  Can you learn to paint?  find somewhere to work with children? fix your car engine? teach beyond coaching your child?  play the guitar? learn yoga? run a marathon? do a mission trip?

How long will we wait to explore our inner desires?  Until our children are grown? until we retire?  What does that teach our families?  Only that we are unimportant, martyrs, and we become smaller, our world shrinking, less interesting to those outside of our tiny circles. We must move beyond the fear of failure to try to succeed in something new.  Comfort begets complacency.

Maybe it should be my early resolution, to kindle the fire of one dream and fan its flames.  What will you do?  and what are your dreams?  Let me know! C


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