Firefighter Lament

I cried reading the Chicago Tribune today.  All the waste, all the anger, all the hatred in the world and two firefighters senselessly died yesterday in Chicago, battling in an empty building when the roof collapsed.  Edward Stringer and Corey Ankum were both killed, and seventeen other firefighters were injured during the blaze.

I thought immediately about other firefighters we know, policemen we see in town,  how close they come each bell ring, each day to face injury or possible demise.  Both the men and women amaze me with their physical and mental strength.

Tonight we baked holiday cookies, while other families mourn the loss of their father, their husband, their friend, their colleague.  We will keep them in our Christmas toasts, our prayers.  And maybe we should all say “thank you” the next time we see a fire fighter on the street, driving by.

Not what I thought I would write about on the Eve of the Eve (as my kids have said all week), but  remembering the fallen officers is what stands out for me today.  Joy for us later. C



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