Cleaning Up

Why is it we want to organize our lives in January?  Clean out the closets, under the bed, the files, the toy room, the dust bunnies, the pantry.  We lighten our drawers, then head immediately to the gym to exercise, exercise, exercise to tighten our drawers.  Is it the start of the new year?  Is it the winter whiteness we want to forget, examining at the explosion of colors in our closets? Then bury ourselves in white papers?

Is it just innate, this clean up, and why the start of the year?  It is not just me, as the kids are rummaging through their own rooms, tossing broken toys and outgrown clothes and changing pictures on the wall.  I was wondering, do people in warmer climates take a break from the sun and beach replace towels and sheets?

We feel lighter, as the recycling bag fills, the volcano of clothes grows.  May this frenzy of cleaning lead to a sharing of purged goods,  a wise disposal of garbage, a more open mind, and a realization that we do not need all this STUFF in this new year.  Maybe this IS the best time of year to start our cleaning, then maybe, just maybe, we can continue on this path we have cleared. C



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