Coffee Break

Unplugged for one morning, a country came undone. 

While Suzanne and I sipped our tea and caught up–talking about the blizzard, families, work, vacations, college visits, the importance of our girlfriends–the Egyptian people surprised, shocked, overjoyed as President Hosni Mubarak announced his resignation from the Egyptian government.  While we caught up on the stories that keep our lives full and challenging and funny and changing, a leader toppled, people cheered, women wept, children hoped.

We will watch, we will follow, we will pray that the wrongfully imprisoned will be released, that women will be given more freedom,  that families will reunite, that children can smile, that the economy will grow, that the beauty-the mystery-the ancient worlds will be restored,  welcoming people again.

Don’t blink. What will we miss next? C


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