Number Theory

The worst thing about digital clocks is that many children do not know how to really read time. They learn on pre-school worksheets, struggling to draw the hour and minute hands properly,  then promptly forget when there are no clocks in their everyday surroundings. My kids cannot read my watch with no numbers or lines on the face.

There are many things to like about the simplicity of a digital clock, though when you unplug the one by my bed, time simply vanishes. On digital clocks I can see the time at the  three am worry hour.

I can plug my ipod in and hear my favorite music when I awake.

It has a snooze button.

But, my favorite thing about digital clocks is number patterns.  Not waiting for one, like when you drive and wait,  wait for the odometer to click from 49,999 to 50,000.

No, it’s the random view I enjoy. I love when I get in the car to drive and it is 11:11.  Then I happen to come home at 1:11 pm.

The dogs wake me at 5:55 (too early, but a symmetrical number).

Nap time at 3:33.

And my favorite, the glance that reads 12:34.

Pretty cool.  C


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