Hair–the Tale

Sex, drugs, more sex, dancing, singing, more sex, nudity, and war, war, war.  Wow–what an incredible revival of Hair I saw today, its final Chicago show.  The cast was vibrant, each character alive on stage, whether a lead or part of the tribe.

Intoxicatingly funny, then drawing you in with fear of the draft , we were brought quickly back to the 1960’s reality.  I was obsessed with the movie Hair in high school, learning every word of the songs, dancing with the record again and again.  However, this was the first time I have seen the show live on stage.  What a different experience.   I was amazed how many of the characters and songs I remembered in their entirety, how many were popular on the radio.

Watching the show as an adult gave me a completely different perspective from watching the movie in high school. The hippies excellent messages of peace and freedom and  anti-war and love perhaps lost in their drugs and search for freedom and drop out culture.  Sadly, we are still fighting in wars on foreign soil, losing men and women each day.  Today, however, our soldiers choose to fight, they are not drafted into service. And they are not spit upon when they return home, but held up amongst the people in their families, their town.

Compassionate and effusive, irreverent but relevant, sexual but not exploitative, Hair was an  escape, an educator, a liberator, a story told of joy and fear and hope and loss.  Freedom.  and not.  Awesome.  C

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