No More Hole in the Wall

We recently transformed our self-described “hole in the wall”  to the centerpiece in our family room.  Long overdue, friends now ask if we even had a fireplace before adding metallic tile to the wall, granite to the floor, a hand-built and stained mantle,  and log set to the fireplace wall.  A backdraft several years ago that consumed our basement in smoke and rendered the wood-burning fireplace unusable in my mind.

The unworking Hole

A lack of lighting, other than hideous “fish eyes’ above the fireplace was remedied, as well as an addition of a well-needed ceiling.

fish eyes

The pumpkin wall becomes the focal point of the room, with a usable fireplace, the glass doors re-used with a coat of black paint.

Welcoming, modern, hip, I love the finished look!

Fireplace wall

I will post more photos when I finally get some picture up.  Two other rooms to come, when the personal touches are added. Dust, banging, unexpected wetness behind the old tiles, delays all worth the finished look! C


2 thoughts on “No More Hole in the Wall

  1. interesting you and Sharon both have an orange wall. You must be more alike than sometimes thought. Anyway the redo is lovely and impressive and should lead to many family years of enjoyment plus our own during the summer Love, Dad

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