Just another wedding

Did you don a crazy hat with your bunny slippers, drink tea in the dark at 4 am, wish you were in London, and watch the royal wedding at 4 am?  I didn’t .  Did you watch with bated breath to see their first kiss on the balcony, above throngs of people at Buckingham Palace?  I saw the kiss (es), but I was not waiting with bated breath.

We have no royalty in the US, though there are certainly people who revere certain actors, singers, reality “stars” and musicians as royalty.  We do not have the history of kings and queens and incest and shenanigans to become the next on throne and murdering of wives to marry another and another and another and changing the face of a country’s religion simply to marry yet another, that naughty Henry.

But, the thought that we can fall in love and become a princess is still astonishing.  Down to the horse drawn carriages, military marches, spectacle, a country closed for a day,  a formal church wedding for the world to view, seats filled with many people whom you do not know.

Kate Middleton was glorious and glowing in her beautiful gown and simple veil, hair flowing.  Prince Edward nattily dressed,  all smiles.  But, once the dancing is finished, the honeymoon is over, they begin their married life together. They will have to answer questions we non-royalty have to answer like how to share their funds, who will cook the meals (not them), which side of the bed to sleep on, who will clean the loo (not them), whether to buy a puppy or pony, what car to buy, can we afford a house (of course), what color to paint the walls.

I watched the Princess Diana and Charles wedding in high school.  That shy girl, her puffy sleeves and extremely long train what I remember most, along with her uncertain wave.  Her princess days did not last long, like so many marriages today, but she was not beheaded or sent to a nunnery like the princesses of old. She certainly battled her own demons, yet was so loved by the people for doing all her charity work. A mysterious death, and now a young prince sadly has his wedding day without his mommy at his side.

And Princess Sarah, not even invited to the royal wedding today, goes from married royalty to Weight Watchers schlepper, author, schemer, and  royalty lightening rod.

So, Kate and Edward, congratulations on your marriage. May you have the strength, the love, the ability to remain and loving, successful, giving couple for many years.  C

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