Mother’s Day Wishes

a day late, but alas the internet was down last night….

Finishing up another Mother’s Day with a sublime combination of lemon meringue pie and champagne.  Spending a finally-sunny Sunday with bits of gardening work, homemade family brunch,  soccer and lacrosse games,  all-family-prepared barbeque, then a quiet night at home with no dissention was a great mother’s day.

I have been watching the abundance of advertisements this week hawking perfumes, clothing,  jewelry, chocolates, patio furniture (seriously—two ads), champagne, makeup, appliances(don’t even think about it), mattresses.  Ridiculous.

I don’t need all these trappings for a completely commercial holiday. I would rather have a day of leisure spent with my family with fewer chores perhaps, the kids helping with a project or helping prepare the meal—and clean up—a homemade card, a plate of cookies, a simple thanks/kiss/hug, some fresh cut flowers. Time together.

how quickly they grow--so long ago!

Any why should moms get thanked only one day a year?  Dads too, for that matter, on their “special” day in June.  Why does the greeting card industry (didn’t they start this trend?) honor our moms only once in 365 days, rather than taking a few moments to say “thanks” each day for the myriad of things they do?

Is it to remind us adults to say thanks our moms and grandmothers and aunts who we do not see every day?  To remember the small things our moms did for us: decorating cakes and putting on sunscreen and doing paint-by-numbers and stringing cranberries and swimming in the blow-up pool?

I know that some people have negative memories of their moms, no nurturing, no love, and I this this day would be hard for them.  Or those who have lost their mom, or their child, or those struggling to have a child.  I hope they find peace within by the next time this consumer-created mother’s day comes around.

Since I have the floor,  I should at least say happy mother’s day to you mom, for all you have taught me, the love you have surrounded me with, the gifts you have given me, over all these years.  I would rather remember the meals we cook together, the travels, the laughs, the lessons you teach my children (especially in the kitchen) than receive  some towels or a mattress from you this year.

Mom and me!

And happy mother’s day to my mother-in-law, my friends who are moms, my family members and friends who have not had children but have positively influenced my children,  and especially to my friends who have lost a child or been unable to conceive.  My wish is for all of you to have a simple, joy-filled day. C


One thought on “Mother’s Day Wishes

  1. Patti

    Thanks, Cindy, for your best wishes and your thoughts on this Hallmark day. I did have a generally quiet, simple day. I invited Maureen over to my house for brunch. I will have to blog more thoughts on this….

    You are a great mother, Cindy! I am glad that you are part of my family.

    Love you!

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