Special Celebrations

sorry it’s been awhile!  been very busy and ill…

This past week I have been choked up several times at the support that the various organizations in our small-ish town give other groups.  This is especially true, since I know that everyone is super-crazed with the end of school/season events.  Here are a couple examples, but I bet there are others I am unaware of.

A few weeks ago was the Senior honor night for girls’ soccer at the high school.  17 graduating seniors, between junior varsity and varsity.  On a cold night, there were many people in the stands from both the high school and the local rec/travel soccer program to applaud the girls as they marched on to the field with their parents.

Last Friday on a beautiful spring night was the Senior honor night for the boys’ HS lacrosse team. The area’s quickly-growing LAX program had all the current younger players storm the field before the game with their jerseys on, then the 2-3 graders scrimmaged at half-time.

The most-inspiring evening of the three was during the middle school choral concert.  The director there was retiring after 17 years in the school district, over 40 years expanse of teaching, with a few years off in the middle to raise her children.  The band director and HS choral director semi-hijacked the show from her, to amusement to all but the self-admitted control freak herself.  Instead of the concert opening with the sixth grade chorus, the Bear Voices from the HS sang a song.  This group is chosen by audition, acapella only.  Impressive voices.

Bear Voices came on mid-concert as well for fun “Happy Trails to You”. Each singer who had been trained by the director (not all were) saying a kind sentiment to her.

During the concert, the band director and HS choral director told us about her life.  Then the principal gave a speech–her had calculated that during her tenure at our school alone she had taught over 10,000 students!  Wow!

The combined choruses worked on a secret song with the band director that they performed.  Then the finale–Bare Voices came back on stage with all the middle-school choruses and a whole group of additional HS chorus performers who had sung with her.  The audience stood, and we all sang “Celebrate!” with much on-stage dancing.  She was overflowing with gratitude to all.

It was an honor to be there to celebrate with the school and the chorus.  And it’s so inspiring to see so many local groups sharing in the success of those who have moved up the ranks.  Who knows what the rest of the art shows-soccer banquets-band concerts–lacrosse tournaments will bring? Another reason to tear up?  C


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