A Graveyard Worth Visiting

The Old Burying Grounds is one of the more memorable and peaceful places we saw on our recent NC holiday.  Beaufort was a short drive from where we stayed, a fun historic town to visit on a cloudy, rainy day.  A few blocks of shops, Maritime Museum–free, can you believe it–with Blackbeard’s ship remains, beautifully restored homes, shipyard, ice cream shops (yum!), but my favorite site was this graveyard aside a tiny church.  Graves from the 1700’s, 1800’s, stilted, leaning, lettering faded, heartbreaking losses of 6 children through the years,  couples, soldiers, settlers laying quietly amidst wisteria and other trees, birds, forgotten flowers, whispers.

The story behind one grave covered with trinkets and joy is that a girl died upon a ship, and her father put her in a barrel of rum to preserve her body.

A few photos from the visit. C

Not forgotten.
angel wings
petrifying conch shells resting with a grave
The Steeple
family plot within the graveyard

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