A Challenge

Sadly, after a round of writing on vacation, there has been another drought.  Too busy with the end of summer, prepping for school, kids’ soccer, work, car break downs, last minute plans.  Little time for writing or pictures or relaxing as anticipation for school next week is underway.

A little diversion, last night a group of moms and daughters all saw “The Help.”  The moms had all read the book, which I loved, and none of the girls had, but we all enjoyed the movie. Take your daughters, show them the Civil Rights movement in the 60’s, with impeccable sets, homes of the rich-poor-and in between, simple clothing, all through a cloud of smoke.

I call this movie a Changer.  Can it change us for the better?  Skeeter writing a book about The Help during the tumultuous civil rights era in Mississippi was so courageous, so funny, so inspiring. A town full of bigots, some of which probably still remain in many places, ready to pounce on her.  They could have taken her life as they did so many others for going to school, riding a bus, walking on the wrong street, just breathing.

What have we done with our lives?  Do we stand up for our beliefs?  Do we believe in tolerance, acceptance of others? How can we impact our small world?  Can we stand up to the adult bullies in our midst? How can we teach our children to be brave, sponges for learning, to stand up for right if we do not show by example?

What will you do differently today?  How will you react tomorrow, after seeing “The Help” to make the people around you accept that though people  may have different skin tones, come from different financial situations, have different sexual orientations, different goals in life, people want to Be.  and not just seen as “different” for accepting their past, their skins, their goals, their loves. C


One thought on “A Challenge

  1. Patti


    I got to read the book on vacation. (As you know, I rarely get to read “new” books, since I am always teaching the old classics…) I really enjoyed the book and am looking forward to seeing the movie. It feels like the Civil Rights Era was happening as I was coming into awareness during my teens. But I did not really experience it until later.

    I remember talking one day to a woman who was inquiring about our home school group. I was telling her all about how it worked, etc. Then she paused and said that she was African American, and would it still be okay if she joined. I was shocked and dismayed that she felt like she had to bring that up. I had guessed her color by the tone of voice and cadence. I welcomed her heartily. I do not think she joined. I got to know another blacl family that did join a few years later. Another friend, a Latina, who lived in her neighborhood told me about how this black mother had to teach her son how to walk down the street so that he would not be seen as suspicious. I would never have thought one through. I was talking to another friend down the street and her husband, and he was talking about how he loved to ride his bike in the evenings. I was asking where he biked, thinking that Ken might like to join him sometime. He mentioned that there were some neighborhoods that it would not be good for him to bike in at night. I thought they might be “bad” neighborhoods, unsafe for him, but he let me know that it was because he would be seen as unsafe by the residents.

    I have come to see how absolutely blind and naive I have been to the problems of being black in our society. I am glad to have friends who have helped me to understand a little better. And I know that I have a lot to still learn.


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