Barn Sale

Who can resist a barn full of items for sale?  When driving by on bikes after a brief stop for lunch and snacks in Benton Harbor, MI we were forced to stop and peruse the barn. C

Fuel Stop
Every town needs one!

It’s the permanent barn sales that inspire me to look but never touch an item, since it appears that the majority of them have been picked from a garbage pile, sitting in oil, now with layers of dust.  Here is a sampling of items that you can buy at said barn sale.  I bet they negotiate!

Holly Hobby
Really? 1970's stereo equipment?

Steve now unseeing in the welder's mask
Best table there--even I can make it look pretty despite lots of green copper.

3 thoughts on “Barn Sale

  1. Theresa Gralinski

    Chatterbox…what a fitting name for the tavern we decided to stop at…That was the most memorable bike ride of my life! Destination…Miller Lite.

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