The Lion is Still King

A rainy weekday night, all activities cancelled, the kids and I went to see The Lion King with popcorn for dinner. We were the only four people in the theatre, our own private showing.  After giggles and wonder, it became a sing-along, a competition of who knew the most lines throughout this classic film with lessons for people of all ages.

I remember first watching The Lion King (on VHS no less) shortly after Tara was born, as she lay sleeping in my arms, home alone.  I knew nothing about the movie and —spoiler alert!!–I was stunned when Mufasa was killed during the stampede.  Now, this is a Disney film, so I should have known a parent would die, but thankfully we had the non-surprising redemption by the end.  I cried, I cried during and after the movie.

This was Tara’s movie of choice for several years.  I honestly think I watched or listened to The Lion King over 100 times. We fast-forwarded  when Scar recruited the hyenas with his Nazi-esque song, toddler terrifying.  It’s even scarier on the big screen, but thankfully all of my kids beyond that today.  We recently found the stuffed Simba and Nala from when Tara was younger, a few of the myriad of The Lion King memorabilia we owned.  We all love the Broadway show of The Lion King too.  So in the spirit of the original film.

Five days after the movie refrains of “Hakuna Matada” and “I Just Can’t Wait to be King” are sung, hummed, laughed en masse or in private. It’s truly time for my kids to take their place in the Great Circle of Life.  C

One thought on “The Lion is Still King

  1. Bob

    I’m not sure if you noted the symmetry but they last line of this post is just above the picture of the ‘bike ride fuel stop”…depicting yet another circle of life…

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