Raise Your Voices LZ 95 Parents

Kids, those speech classes your dread?  Consider them valuable practice for real life experiences. I attended and spoke at my first LZ district 95 school board meeting last week, to read the letter I emailed them–and my last blog post below or found at https://haveanopinion.wordpress.com/2011/10/10/parents-parent-and-schools-shoul–about the potential drug testing in the high school.

I forgot how intimidating it can be to speak in front of a group of unknown people, especially when it is on a controversial topic, and you do not know who is for and against your opinion.  We do not walk into the meeting and sit of separate sides of the room or wear colors to state our opinion.  Some people were at the meeting to discuss other agenda items, which muddled the audience more.

The previous meeting had been solely about the proposed drug testing, with about 100 attendees, the majority speaking out against the proposal from what I have been told and read about in the local papers.  This meeting only six people signed up to speak, four against it and two for it.  Only one person for the proposed drug testing and me against it had not spoken previously.An interesting side note that neither person who spoke for it has students currently in the district but both live within the boundaries.

After speaking, the board decided to send out a second survey to LZ District 95 parents this upcoming week.  ALL DISTRICT PARENTS should read very carefully and respond to this survey.  The last survey was so poorly written and skewed to achieve their goals of pushing this agenda through–inane questions similar to “Are you against drugs?”  that I encourage you to respond directly to the board if you feel there is bias in this survey’s questions.

Also, I think that EVERY parent should reach out individually to the board to tell your opinions.  This passion and reasoning are what the board should be listening to.  Attend the next open meeting to state your opinions (early November) before the school board puts this proposal to a vote potentially in November.  The board seems to be putting a HUGE stock into this survey, so make your voices heard.

Even if your children are in elementary school, you will be impacted by this proposal.  Do you want the school district given the authority to randomly test any students involved in extracurriculars and with parking privileges at any time–no parent present–or do you want to be able to monitor your children’s activities yourself?  The supreme court has previously ruled in other cases that all students cannot be tested, which to some of us means that there is inequity in the education if the school district proceeds with this.

No matter which side of this sensitive issue you fall on, this is such a great opportunity for us to talk to our children about drugs–what are THEIR thoughts on the proposed drug testing?–and show them that we care enough to get involved in this important issue.

A synopsis of the meeting I attended last week from the Daily Herald can be found at http://www.dailyherald.com/article/20111014/news/710149902/   .C

1/2/2011 addendum:  The random drug testing was voted down by the school board after reading the results from the survey and listening to the parents.  This process really showed me–and taught my kids–that speaking up CAN have a difference.  We can’t always win (like this time) but it would be worse to not say anything, lose, and WISH we had spoken up.  C


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