Never Hide from the Shadows

I feel like the groundhog who saw his shadow last week.  But, instead of six more weeks of winter, I have five more weeks of only walking.  Bummer—I was expecting that the six week post-op appointment I would be released to do some heavier cardio like the elliptical or exercise bike.  But no, to avoid relapse I am to hold to my walking for another five weeks.  That, plus the upper body work out I created using the whopping 3-lb. weights and stretch band.

Is it a dirty secret that I LIKE to exercise?  I feel restless, bored, stress buildup, physically tight (and let’s face it, we ALL get fatter if we don’t move—that is NO secret) when I sit still too long.  So, this news depressed me for about a day.  I want to really sweat.  I want to get ready for my spring break beach trip!

But, as I walked the treadmill the next day—too icy to be outside, for risk of slipping—I realized those were selfish thoughts.  I vowed to banish them from my mind.  At least I CAN walk.  There are so many people unable to walk, others who choose to remain sedentary. To the latter, I ask why?

I realized that I have been actually eating better since restricted to walking, trying to  avoid gaining weight during my twelve week respite. I have really paid attention to what I am eating throughout the day, without the heavy exercising option.  I have planned healthier meals, snacked less, indulged in fewer sweets, and managed to even lose a couple pounds while walking around my neighborhood and on the treadmill.

So if you have to modify your routine,  break your step, let yourself wallow a moment, but don’t let that stop you.  Slow down a pace and think:  How can I change it up?  Improve what I can do?  Increase my knowledge about myself?  Stay happy?

Then surpass myself?

Six more weeks of winter?  Throw a snowball and smile, even if you can’t strap on those those beloved cross country skis, don’t hibernate.  What’s the fun in that?  C



2 thoughts on “Never Hide from the Shadows

    1. haveanopinion

      thanks Mary! I majored in marketing, but I was photo editor and did some writing on the school newspaper. It’s a good release for me.

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