Lent, Week 1 Thankful Journal

For this Lent, this not-really practicing Catholic creating a Gratefulness Journal.  I am going to record three things each day that I am thankful for and post them on my blog about once a week.

I thought it would be fairly easy to come up with two items each day to post.  But three—on some days—would challenge me a little more. No repeats allowed! So, here is week 1:

2/22/12 I am thankful … 

that my kids and I can still play a long game of Sorry!  on our well-loved board when they are home sick, neither one complaining it’s too babyish.

for February days in Chicago when I can walk the dog with no gloves or hat.

For artichokes—the one veggie that all my kids love to eat.

2/23/12 I am thankful for

  amazing, silent snowfalls.

 a great book club discussion about “Night Road.”

 completing not one, but two, big work projects in one afternoon.

 2/24/12 I am thankful for

a 5+ hour drive with my daughter where we talked, talked ,talked.

Fun parents to share a cold, wet  bleacher seat with on a chilly night.  And sleeping bags and blankets to wrap ourselves in.

An impressive soccer victory, after making that 5+ hour drive.

2/25/12 I am thankful

I don’t snore.

For the laughing tears and hugs shared by girls who played soccer together for 2 years, as they finished their last game.  

I ate the apple instead of the Snicker’s bar.

2/26/12.  I am thankful for

Irish dance being a part of our family for over twelve years.

The McNulty family dance mass, the one mass no one actually complains about attending each year.

Our family of 5 to be together again.

2/27/12.  I am thankful for

Ronan wanting to help make his “cookie cake” for his birthday celebration.

Plentiful food selections in our local grocer.

 Fresh-cut flowers, especially in winter.

2/28/12.  I am thankful for

RONAN!! Happy 12th birthday today, “baby boy.”

MTV and VH1 actually showing music videos in the am, when I am walking the treadmill.  Lessen the boredom of indoor walking.

Thunderstorms in February.



One thought on “Lent, Week 1 Thankful Journal

  1. Theresa Gralinski

    Great idea! I should do this too. I tried giving up laundry for Lent. Didn’t work. Like your idea better.

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