Week 2, Gratefulness Journal

Here is my Lenten Week 2 offering, three things I am thankful for each day.  Some days this is more challenging than others, but it’s making me notice the small things around me.  Here goes…

2/29/12 .  I am thankful

for iPhones. 4/5 of us now have them!

I saved that Snickers bar from the other day to finish today.

When I make a new healthy recipe and the pan is empty at the end of dinner!

3/1/12 I am thankful

Tara made varsity soccer at LZHS!!

Devon loved her volleyball season, despite their win record.

A family looks to be moving into the house next door, empty since last summer.

3/2/12 I am thankful

I had a few hours to start on the tax prep for the accountant.

For two hours home by myself, to watch whatever movie I choose.

Work colleagues have become friends.

3/3/12 I am thankful

Tara got accepted into National Honor Society!

For the beauty of snow.

Snow melts.

 3/4/12 I am thankful for

family dinners.

An evening with a fire, no tv, catching up.

Bob’s coaching season is over.  And Ronan got to play one game with Bob’s team this morning, before his own game.

 3/5/12  I am thankful

Bob got his 10 year all-clear from cancer!

For the first fat robin,  sitting outside my office window.

For the smell and taste of freshly-baked chocolate chip banana bread.

3/6/12 I am thankful

for 67 ° blue sky days in Chicago, the first week in March.  Sublime.

I live in a school district that shows the film “Race to Nowhere” to open dialogue with people in the community about our education system.

For homemade Asian spring rolls (by us).  Yum!



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