Thankfulness Journal, Week 3

Week 3, for my Lenten Thankfulness Journal.

3/7/12            Today I am grateful for 

my “baby” brother Dave.  Happy birthday bro!  Ain’t nuthin’ “little” about you!!

My friend Patti.  Long walk with both dogs (thanks for taking one!) was a great way to catch up.

leftovers on a crazy night.

3/8/12 I am thankful

a song like “Low” can make me giggle, transporting me back to a great girls’ cruise.  Walked a bit faster on that boring treadmill.

an incredible, touchable full moon hanging low in the winter sky.

for being the big $20 winner in bunco.

3/9/12 I am thankful

my dad can text!  Sometimes it comes in handy.

a car repair place that actually replaces an under-warranty for free, without finding 20 more problems with the car.

For date night—and dinner out.

3/10/12 I am thankful for

an fun, engaging St. Patrick’s day party.  Bagpipe welcome!

meeting new people at a party.

reconnecting with old friends at the same party.

3/11/12 I am thankful for

Ronan’s basketball season is finally over (is that bad?).

the annual Mickey Finn’s McNulty dance show.  Intimate, energetic, fun.

vacation planning “meetings” that involve dinner, cocktails, and riotous laughter.  Can’t wait!

3/12/12 I am thankful for

Tara’s induction into the LZHS National Honor Society—along with several of her friends.  Huge honor for lots of hard work .

Pam’s unexpected phone call.  She made me laugh!

The extremely full grocery cart.

3/13/12 I am thankful

Theresa and I can catch up and work on a weekly basis.  Change of pace from the home office motivates.

For summertime weather in March, in Chicago. Everyone is outside.

Walking both dogs together  for the first time since surgery!



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