Final Lenten Thankfulness Journal

This was the last partial week of keeping my thankfulness journal for Lent.  For someone who is a cusp practicing Catholic, I am amazed I completed this exercise. I learned a few things,  became more aware of the small moments that make up my life.

4/4/12             I am thankful for           

making it to the track meet after Devon’s first MSN soccer game and victory.

Workday Panera meetings.  Truly productive.

Not having to clean my house this week.

4/5/12 I am thankful for

Marie and Jeff arriving from MI!  (instead of continuing their wrong-way drive to Cincinnati)

Homemade chips & salsa. YUM!!

Finally seeing the documentary “Buck.”  Inspiring story, heartbreaking background.

4/6/12 I am thankful for

Devon finally got her braces.


adding a slew of new vacation pictures to the digital frame.

4/7/12 I am thankful for

first yoga class since surgery.  Felt great!

sunny start to ELA soccer for Devon.

Dinner out with Jeff and Marie while cousins decorated eggs.

4/8/12 Happy Easter!  Lent is over.  C

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