Everyone Wants Me ….to Shop!

Regretfully, I have another birthday sneaking up on me in May.  Lest I forget, it seems like every store I frequently shop at has sent me reminder coupons and gift cards.  Some are really token gifts including

$10 off Kohls

$5 off DSW

$15 off a restaurant chain

$10 off Victoria’s Secret

$15 off Loft

I am sure if I look really hard I can actually spend just the amount on the cards in each store, but what is the likelihood of that really happening?  Especially $5 off at a shoe store.

Then there are the gifts with a catch.  “Save $20 off a $50 purchase” coupon.  And the “save $10 off a $50 purchase—IF you use our credit card.”  I don’t count these as “gifts”, since I have to spend a bunch of my hard-earned cash to even use them.  Who are these really a gift for?  Me?  The store?  If I was to tell my friend that I would take her out for her birthday dinner, but that she would have to pay for everything but the tip and dessert, would that really be an appreciated gift?

Frankly, we know these cards are not gifts.  Enticements to shop, really.   I will try to use some of the real “freebies” but the others will probably be recycled at the end of May unless I HAPPEN to be shopping and use them. C

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