Corpse Pose

Savasana or corpse pose.  You would think that the relaxation of savasana at the end of practice, laying on the floor with eyes closed, would be the simplest of all the poses.  Physically, it doesn’t get much easier than this.  Secretly, after a challenging workout, I look forward to the few minutes to stretch out with no one demanding, no phones, no computer, no “Mom”.

But, mentally, it consistently slays me how hard this pose is.  Most days, I find it virtually impossible to clear my mind doing savasana,  even focusing solely on my breathing.  I try, but streams of life outside the studio keep sneaking into my brain.  It is so hard to be in-the-moment, knowing that life is banging outside the door, my private time almost over.

I try to force any rational thought from my mind, enjoy the end of my routine—whether in class or at home alone.  And after a couple extremely stressful work nights, try to stay awake.

It is hard to rationalize that doing absolutely nothing is so difficult.  But it is. Namaste. C


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