The Social Media Vortex

Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn. Instagram. WordPress. Pinterest.  So many brands of social media—and all created for different uses–it’s getting complicated to manage them all.  Post a picture-a word-a story,  then check back later to see who comments, who reads, who “likes”.   Respond.  Check out what other influencers, friends, family, curiosity seekers have to say right now.

I joined some social media sites for “market research”, to learn the who-what-why-how people use them. Twitter was my latest endeavor, and within 24 hours I learned firsthand the power of social media, when an airline changed my seats based on what I tweeted.

The social media sites can draw you in, then steal your time as you visit other sites in addition to keeping yours current. I have already seen how Twitter and Instagram have taken time from my blog, as I haven’t written a blog post in over a week. I feel like the blog is less fleeting than the Instagram or Twitter posts, so it is time to get back to it.  And it helps me explore my thoughts in word.

As I wander around the “popular” pics on Instagram, it intrigues why people BEG, borrow, and comment to capture and hoard as many followers as they can.  People ask others to “like” their pics and promise to follow them, pictures unseen.

What does the person get with the most followers?  Businesses, can accomplish goals of more revenue, more exposure, new clients. But I see people on Facebook who comment on pictures  and “like” pictures  where someone says “want 2000 more friends?  Like my post.”  Or people on Instagram with 30,000 followers—who post unoriginal, blah pictures. (though a few inspired me enough to follow them). Does it make you “popular” in your mind?

But, this journey takes me to unexpected places and introduces me to new people and concepts, so I will keep each path and door open. I welcome you to join me as I explore these various social media at

Twitter: @CindyCardinal1

Instagram: haveanopinion


LinkedIn: Cindy Cardinal

And next month, welcome to Pinterest.  I have an idea that Pinterest is like Alice falling into the proverbial rabbit hole.  Easy to get lost, lots of unexpected surprises.  So if you do not hear from me for while, check out the pinboards.

I just read an article in Folio: magazine about how Time Inc and Meredith Publishing are using Pinterest to build their subscriber bases for the women’s magazine market, but time will tell if this platform can help more specialized, business journals.  Time and experimentation will tell.  C

7 thoughts on “The Social Media Vortex

  1. Bob

    And don’t forget about the ‘extreme’ number of ways people can get a hold of you now – home phone, business phone, cell phone, text, and email from the social nextworking sites you belong to.

    Too much? Perhaps. I’m jut trying not to be a slave to them.


  2. Hi Cindy, “steal your time” is a spot on description. Like you, my blog has suffered lately because of time spent trawling through social media. Curiosity leads me to experimenting with everything but I think it may be time to re-focus and concentrate on the networks I’m more committed to. Will look out for you on Twitter!

  3. Cindy, the like for like sake quandary is something that those of us who work in social media discuss often. I am patently against it and don’t take part in group efforts where I am required to like every page/person that takes part in a discussion. Now, when it comes to specific niche topics and industries, those that interest or can educate me, I’m very free and easy with my likes, connections and follows!

    Looking forward to reading your continuing series as you dig a little deeper.

  4. Social media can be a time suck, I always recommend business people have a strategy and know when to turn it all off! Sometimes that is easier said than done.
    Mind you even if it’s only being used for fun I still think it’s worth turning off sometimes and focussing on the things and people right in front of you!
    Great post, i look forward to more of your opinions!

  5. Great post! As a social media manager, like Mallie and Gemma who commented before me, I know first hand about time suck. Blocking time for blogging and client work is what saves me. I leave the Twitter, commenting and liking for late evening hours when I multi-task. (Watch a TV show, hang out on the couch) There is value in ‘roping in’ the masses, but only if you want to become a celebrity! If you want be a pro, stick within your niche, connect with those people who are interested in your niche and deliver value. You need a strategy! 🙂
    Looking forward to reading more form you. Nice to meet you!

  6. I like to discover new things and learn so yes I do waste too much time on this activity. I am also too kind with my likes and need to unlike some FB pages and twitter accounts I follow to cut the noise and refocus on my target audience. That is part of my goal to re-invent my communication strategy.

  7. oh, I can tell you that I have felt and thought all of those things every other day. It is a double edged sword, and can be the biggest time steal of all. I am on this journey too, thank you for your post.

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