Summer Day Camp Lessons

Driving my son to basketball camp each morning, I am so impressed with the number of kids at LZHS summer camps, improving their endurance and abilities in football, cross country, baseball, softball, tennis, soccer, and inside the building is summer school, band camp, more I can’t see.

The older students mentor the younger ones, working alongside the coaches to work on batting stances, passes, dribbling.  There are bikes lined up along the school, t-shirts and water bottles forgotten while the cross country runners trek through town.

While I open my computer each morning, they start their work outs, keeping their brains and bodies sharp, instead of sleeping in on each summer day.  I applaud their courage to mingle with both friends and strangers, their tenaciousness in learning new skills, their spirits,  their joy.

I get tired of hearing the negative media about youth, and while I enjoy sharing in their individual successes, I am even more inspired to see them work together, to try, to maybe fail, to try again, for success, as one.

Our government could learn a little—maybe a lot– from these students. C

One thought on “Summer Day Camp Lessons

  1. Hi Cindy, I enjoyed reading about a positive program for our children. It’s easy to say young generations are lazy and spoiled, but what are we doing to encourage them to be active? They are surrounded by media that attempts to make outdoor activities seem boring. I learned some of life’s greatest lessons–about teamwork, compromise, teaching others, etc.–in Boy Scouts. In our society we are gradually realizing the value of physical, mental, and spiritual growth and I am confident our children will realize the same if we just encourage them and contribute to related organizations.

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