First Mud Run

There was a rainbow of tutus, team tee shirts with long socks, fake boobs, long sparkly dresses, headbands, sneakers, smiles, singing, and mud.  Lots of mud.  Last weekend I ran the first IL Dirty Girl run, a 5K run with obstacles throughout the course, and it was a BLAST!   I highly recommend trying an event like this, even if you are not a runner.

Waiting for our wave to start the race!

The course started deceivingly simple, climbing over a wall of hay bales.  Then the baptism through the muddy pool crawl teased of what was to come.  There were walls to climb over–the first one a bit slippery and scary, mud hills to conquer, tires to jump through, ropes to climb both up and down a hill, a short burst through up-down-up-down terrain, lots of muddy baths to crawl through, and my favorite: a giant rope wall to conquer.

Throughout the untimed run women were cheering on strangers and friends, helping people stuck on obstacles, non-participants took pictures, we were handed water from volunteers.  The mud tightened and itched on our skins as it dried, so we welcomed the next muddy crawl to soften it up.  If you thought you made it through the course almost unscathed, near the end of the course there was a mud-only pool you belly-moved through under ropes.  Oozing,  I left plenty of room to avoid the person kicking in front of me.

Run completed with Ann and Mary

During the race my headband was used to clean mud from  my eyes, my ears, my mouth, and completely covering my body.  After the race there were freebies from sponsors, and a huge mound of filthy shoes to be cleaned and donated.  And an icy hose off and cold beer reward.

Wanna clean these??

A fundraiser for breast cancer, this very social event included my daughter Devon’s group who ran the whole course to people who walked most of the race.  It didn’t matter how quickly you went–everyone was covered in mud by the end of the run.  The promoters said that almost 10,000 women ran the course over 2 days!  I expect more next year, as it was such an inclusive event.   C



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