Just 10 Minutes a Day #10MaD

Ten minutes a day.  (10MaD) That’s all the writing time needed to fulfill my new years resolution. (see related post here for more details about the #10MaD project). Simply write or work on a photo project. Why is completing 10 minutes of decent writing so hard?  After 2 weeks, I think it’s in the planning.

When I start a larger project, like writing a blog post or shooting a basketball game, the 10 minute minimum quickly becomes 30 minutes, an hour, two.  On unscheduled project days, I remember at 10:30 pm that I need to write. My creativity is stalled, my brain fatigued, and my excitement become a chore. Turning two hobbies I love into a reluctant “must do” is certainly not a sustainable way to maintain momentum.

Awareness is the driver to success here! I will carve out quieter and set times to complete on the on-going writing and photo projects.  Better preparation and the reality I am not writing at full creative strength as the day winds down will certainly improve my chances to actually work on that dreamed-of novel. 

Finding 10MaD isn’t the hard part. It’s finding the right 10 minutes that will help lead to success.


P.S.  Thus far, I have written creatively or done a photography project each day in 2016. So the resolution is still intact.

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