The Screen Seduction


So innocent when blank, flat, closed

hidden, reflective

on laps, wrists, eyes, desks

silently beckoning.


Flick the button. Once lit, they can captivate

frustrate, mesmerize, create,

we lose ourselves, lose hours, lose days

find our family, explore our world

and beyond

steal identity, steal time, steal someone else’s love,

steal innocence

color, black and white, sepia

sound, silence, song, bark, mewl

Game, work, procrastinate, sing, cry, scream, whimper, gossip,

welcome strangers no longer unknown,

Reserve a dinner, an airplane, a tiny room off an alley,

Buy a house, a penny, a screw of many types,

Voyeur, designer, writer, athlete, chef, preacher, gambler, adulterer, killer.

Explore without moving but our eyes and fingers

Go deeper, to obsidian spaces,

Or become angel, whiteness.

Obsession. Addiction.


Experience is limitless. Or limiting, until we return the screens to empty.

Drain the battery. Unplug. Just close it.

And live.

Which is more real life?




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